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Wp Ecommerce Product Links Not Working

I'm still having the same problem - when customers return from PayPal, the cart is still full. About this Plugin WP e-Commerce Related Products Support Threads Reviews Topic Info In: Plugins and Hacks 8 replies 5 participants Last reply from: Onnay Okheng Last activity: 3 years, 12 months Enhancement: Improvements to code for Australia Post. New: Hooks 'wpsc_product_form_fields_begin' and 'wpsc_product_form_fields_end' for list and grid views. navigate here

Fix: PayPal Express Checkout doesn't take into account free shipping. Fix: In the rare occurrence that an insert for a purchase log entry fails, we now return an error saying so. Fix: A random and quite awful bug was causing the "collapse menu" toggle to be perpetually collapsed if you collapsed it even once. See #1930.

Fix: Refactor user account page Fix: SQL IN error in wpsc_populate_also_bought_list(). Fix: Make it clear that the sidebar widget doesn't include discount. Fix: Checkout field options' values are mutilated before getting inserted into the database. It's potentially possible our database updates might conflict with a WPEC upgrade at some later point if they (WPEC) decide to add regions for the country we've configured.

We now check both region and country where applicable. See #1892. Fix: Tax bands not working. There appears to be a problem when using SEO Smart Links and WP eCommerce together where the H3 class statement formating the product names becomes corrupted on the Products Page.

New: New hook - wpsc_coupon_add_top and wpsc_coupon_add_bottom for the add coupon section. New: PayPal Digital Goods gateway, updated PayPal Express Checkout, PayPal Pro and Manual Payment gateways. Fix: Shipwire settings are not updated. If I start with item 2, the total owed is 10.00 Kat says: Thank you so much, worked like a charm Ivy says: Hi Kat, The following forum post will explain

Fix: Ensure 3.7.x -> 3.8.x upgrade routine uses wpdb::prepare() properly. Fix: Product Specials Widget does not work with product variations on sale. Change: Continued internal cleanup of coding standards and documentation. WordPress Version: 3.3.1 SEO Smart Links Version: 1.1.7 (http://www.prelovac.com/vladimir/wordpress-plugins/seo-smart-links) WP eCommerce Version: (http://getshopped.org/) Theme: Mazine 1.5.0 (http://transparentideas.com/) Theme: Storefront Elegance 1.4.5 (http://www.storefrontthemes.com/) Theme: Twenty Ten 1.4 (http://wordpress.org/) Depending on the

See #1683. Please consider donating which gives you access to even more good stuff. #20 May 23, 2011, 09:19 AM edwardmccaughan 3 posts · May 2011 I've managed to fix Same issue here, blank products-page, but if you add on to URL a CAT name or anything at all for that matter, it will display your products. Fix: Changing checkout field sort order doesn't work.

Fix: Use is_email(), rather than a faulty regex, for checkout email field validation. http://findthemes.net/wp-ecommerce/wp-ecommerce-pagination-not-working.html Changed the field `has_regions` to 1 (was 0) Changed the field `visible` to 0 (was 1) (6) Change the layout of the checkout forms so country comes before state. Got rid of that and I was good to go, everything was immediately sorted out. Is there any way I could get the permalinks structure above and get the pagination to work?

Fix: Update message is displayed even when the db has bene updated. Fix: Products page pagination fails if the products page is set as the homepage. View a broken category page here: http://tea-sanctuary.com/products-page/bulk-herbs/ View a properly displaying page here: http://tea-sanctuary.com/products-page/ I've pretty well narrowed this down to a theme problem. his comment is here Change: Variation table class orderby to 'menu_order title' Change: When displaying packing slip, form data should be output in the same order as that of checkout page.

Fix: The Google Analytics integration was calculating products once, not once per quantity in the cart. Updated localization. Fix: Incompatibility between WPEC products page pagination and WordPress 3.4. Change: CSV sales export now puts the item quanity in a separate column from the product title. New: Filter wpsc_shipping_quote_value.

Fix: Product page title is not properly replaced with the category or tag title in WP 3.5.

I cannot figure out why it won't work! It was the last thing I thought would have caused an issue like this. New: Additional hooks for adding extra FORM fields to the add to cart form. You using something similar to the following to display the gallery: nggallery id=1 template=wp-eStore] Variation Control Not Working Please make sure your theme's "footer.php" file has a call to the wp_footer()

New: Add hook "wpsc_product_form_fields_end" and rename "wpsc_product_form_fields" to "wpsc_product_form_fields_begin" to offer more flexibility when adding new fields to the product form. Upgrading to 3.6.4 solved a related problem (sidebar not showing up on category page). Fix: Resolve scenarios where variation combinations for products that were unavailable could still allow for cart addition (adding the parent product, rather than the variation). weblink The theme files are calling the actions needed by the plugin, so it's not that.

Fix: Dollar signs are used in flat rate settings regardless of the main currency. Fix: "Save Product Files" button doesn't like being clicked on. Fix: Anonymous customers should not be visible in admin UI. The following post will explain this in more detail (option 1): http://www.tipsandtricks-hq.com/ecommerce/how-the-shipping-cost-calculation-works-in-wordpress-estore-50 Ivy DeBorah Beatty says: Is there a way to set a standard shipping price, but not have it apply Fix: Punctuation in pending transaction email. Fix: Admin cannot download file from product edit page.

eg. 10.00 or 6.70 or 1999.95 etc (Do not put currency symbol in the price field) NextGen Gallery doesn't show the "Add to Cart" buttons correctly Make sure the wp eStore Matt says: Hi, Ivy said on November 9th, 2010 at 6:16 am "We have added a workaround to the eStore plugin to address the cart clearing issue. Deleukstekinderen @deleukstekinderen 4 years, 6 months ago I have the same problem. Fix: Properly substitute placeholder in "Out of stock" email to administrator.

Fix: Sales logs are not displayed for some installations. Once deactivated, all the e-commerce pages work like a charm. Claudia says: Hello! Fix: Fixed PHP notices when accessing Dashboard as subscriber.